Join the Team!

Volunteer with 2Loops

Be part of our team, your local community, and scoop the best stuff!

2Loops volunteers come into the Storybook Buddings Centre (map) for helping us receive donations, sort, take photos, and package orders of used children's clothes. Plus, you get first dibs at store items!

We are looking for reliable people, able to work independently and with a team. Loving kids' fashion trends is an asset.

Contact us at to apply and to learn more about 2Loops and being a volunteer!




Being a working mum of a beautiful 2 year old girl and a daycare teacher, I see the amazing opportunity 2Loops brings to all families across Vancouver.

I would love the opportunity to make 2Loops a community based family store for all to be a part of. Especially since moving from Japan to Vancouver over 5 years and starting my own family away from home. It certainly can be hard to find a sense of belonging and community when your family is based outside of Canada and that is one of the main reasons I enjoy being a part of this team.  

I am happy and excited to help support Vancouver families through this community store. Please feel free to say hi when you donate or pick up :)


⭐ Yumi

 My family and I are young at heart, always seeking to try and learn about new things. I seek to share and pass along a variety of pre-loved items. It's fun to see these things bring joy or be useful to another person while being kept away from the landfill as long as possible. Sometimes when I come across a clothing item with a tiny hole or mark, I try to find a way to upcycle with simple mending, embroidery, beading, painting, or patching. 


I have been volunteering with different non profit organizations for 2 years so far. I enjoy being a volunteer because I get the chance to meet new people while learning new skills. Becoming a volunteer in Canada has allowed me the chance to understand the culture of different cities. 

 As well as that, sustainable living is one of my goals which I try to make a part of my daily routine. It is one of the main reasons I enjoy my time volunteering at 2Loops Family Store. I get such a rewarding feeling being part of this community, because I am helping Vancouver families to swap and shop for good quality children's items. 



I enjoy working with 2Loops Family Store and being part of a wonderful team. The store has a great idea in helping reduce waste with organizing donations so that other families can enjoy great quality clothing. As we all know, children’s clothes, books and toys etc. are quite expensive and that's why 2Loops came up with the concept to offer reusable children’s items at a very reasonable price for all Vancouver families. It has also helped a lot of people and Vancouver keep a sustainable environment.