Family Community


2 Loops is a Family Community to support Vancouver Families. 
Here are our community buddies! I'm hoping that this would deliver you a happy and peaceful moment in your parenthood. 

Meet Your Supporters!



🌷Fumiko Kusuhara : Yoga teacher
She is a Vancouver Mom of two amazing boys. She loves music, and singing Jazz/Bossa nova in Japan. She is a sourdough enthusiast. 
She is also a Yoga teacher!
She provides an online yoga class after her boys go to bed. It’s only $3 but if you mention her about 2 Loops, your first yoga class will be FREE! Check her instagram account, Yoga_Tsumugu ,and message her if you are interested in her lesson! 

"I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago. I was a dentist in Japan. It requires physical demands such as poor posture for a prolonged time that eventually cause problems. I've seen so many dentists trapped in pain, stress, and losing the quality of life, and I didn't want to be one of them. That's how I started yoga. Not only it kept my body healthy, yoga has been my guide, teacher and saviour through some of the most stressful situations I have faced, and I became a yoga teacher in 2010.
My yoga practice has evolved and changed over the years. When I first started yoga, my goal was to be able to do all the complex poses. Now as a busy mom, I prefer gentle yoga, and I make sure all the moms who participate in my class let go their stress of the day and reset their mind after a busy day. Taking time for yourself on the yoga mat helps you to become present and find some inner peace."
🌷Haisai! Sweets & Treats : Japanese baked goods

Haisai means "Welcome" in Okinawa, Japan. They sell handcrafted baked goods, and  share their love for Japanese and Okinawan flavours in an ultimate fusion with Western inspirations. Try their matcha cookie, black sesame bar, and Mochi muffins! So good! 

"We have recently partnered up with 2Loops, a volunteer-run recycling initiative of Buddings Children’s Garden & Daycare! Their mission to preserve our environment is done by keeping kids clothes and products in circulation, ie reducing waste. Collaborating with 2Loops was a natural decision as their mission is in line with Haisai’s commitment to keeping our environment impact low. This is one of our core values which we have not spent enough time telling our customers about - and we will in future posts! For now, 2Loops is offering Haisai customers a discount code for $10 off gently used baby/kids clothes, toys & accessories. In addition, when you make a purchase on our website you will receive a discount for more savings at 2Loops!"

If you shop at 2Loops store, you will receive a coupon for Haisai! Sweets & Treats, and if you shop at Haisai, you will get $30 coupon for our store! Check their Instagram to get a newest information!