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2 Loops is a Family Community to support Vancouver Families. 
Here are our community buddies! I'm hoping that this would deliver you a happy and peaceful moment in your parenthood. 

Meet Your Supporters!



🌷Fumiko Kusuhara : Yoga teacher
She is a Vancouver Mom of two amazing boys. She loves music, and singing Jazz/Bossa nova in Japan. She is a sourdough enthusiast. 
She is also a Yoga teacher!
She provides an online yoga class after her boys go to bed. It’s only $3 but if you mention her about 2 Loops, your first yoga class will be FREE! Check her instagram account, Yoga_Tsumugu ,and message her if you are interested in her lesson! 

"I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago. I was a dentist in Japan. It requires physical demands such as poor posture for a prolonged time that eventually cause problems. I've seen so many dentists trapped in pain, stress, and losing the quality of life, and I didn't want to be one of them. That's how I started yoga. Not only it kept my body healthy, yoga has been my guide, teacher and saviour through some of the most stressful situations I have faced, and I became a yoga teacher in 2010.
My yoga practice has evolved and changed over the years. When I first started yoga, my goal was to be able to do all the complex poses. Now as a busy mom, I prefer gentle yoga, and I make sure all the moms who participate in my class let go their stress of the day and reset their mind after a busy day. Taking time for yourself on the yoga mat helps you to become present and find some inner peace."